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Remanufacturing Technician:

Transmission & Geartrain Builder


Powertrain Solutions Remanufacturing Technicians are responsible for building and producing high quality, reliable Geartrain Components. Our specialty and focus is remanufacturing Automatic Transmission while also supporting remanufacturing of select Manual Transmissions, Transfer Cases, AWD Units or PTU’s, and Differentials. While we do not operate directly with the public, we must always understand that we are dedicated to creating a high-quality component for the end user. We don’t just work on automotive components. We are a team of professional people working together to support people in their lives, families, and careers within communities near and far. Quality Assurance is our top priority. Our process is production centric, efficient workflow and weekly production demand needs to be accomplished within our team environment. We are family owned and operated, as a team we succeed together and support one another.

Builder Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining a singular work focus for quality and to ensure jobs are organized individually by number while maintaining adequate multi-job depth for workflow and part acquisition. We prioritize and pre-plan staged jobs together across departments.
  • New parts must be sourced accurately, timely, and qualified for fit and function.
  • Part reclamation; comprehensive inspection, cleaning, and qualification of all parts.
  • Efficiently maintain workflow while sourcing, reading, and following detailed instructions for all parts of production processes and procedures for disassembly, inspection, accurate assembly, and necessary bench testing.
  • Must maintain in-depth knowledge and understanding of components function and correct operation mechanically, hydraulically, and electronically as needed to accurately remanufacture transmissions and components.
  • Full utilization, as necessary, of technical data and training available, in order to succeed.
  • Our remanufacturing stations are computerized for optimal workflow, our system must be utilized for optimal support of this position.
  • We work together as a team; follow direction from leaders, supervisors, and managers in a proactive, not reactive, manner. Help and support others as you may also need help and support.
  • We are open to input or constructive suggestions from all team members for improvements. We value open communication with all issues and to support progress.
  • May be tasked to train or assist others.
  • Be at your workstation ready on time, we work toward weekly production goals for completed components and work overtime as needed in addition to our standard 4 day/10-hour shift team schedule.
  • Maintain a safe, organized, and professional environment, keep assigned areas and common use areas clean and always organized. Regularly sweep and mop as needed.

The Builder Responsibilities listed above is a general list supporting daily tasks and functions to remanufacture transmissions and gear train components to our standards. Additional responsibilities and duties may apply or be assigned.

Job Requirements:

  • Must be detail oriented
  • Willing to get dirty but maintain a professional appearance and demeanor.
  • Be able to read, write, type, understand basic math and read measurements efficiently. You will be required to utilize and record technical material.
  • Our facility, workstations and departments are computer and tablet based, must be technology capable and proficient.
  • A valid driver’s license is necessary, your driving record must allow coverage by our commercial insurance policy at the time of hire and throughout employment. Must have regular, reliable, and predictable transportation and attendance.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required. Preference will be given to prior transmission building experience, automotive experience, and automotive technical training.
  • Ability to work with chemicals and equipment in safe manner.
  • Skillful use of power tools, instruments, and hand tools with adequate hand dexterity.
  • Ability to lift 50+ pounds, stand and work efficiently for 10+ hours per day.
  • Follow all and enforce safety guidelines, federal or state regulations, hazardous waste disposal procedures and OSHA requirements always.
  • Communicate clearly and efficiently with team members and departments.
  • Attend business sponsored training as needed.
  • Ensure all shop tools, manuals, support equipment, supplies and products be maintained and returned to their proper place after each use.
  • Have a positive “can do”, team-oriented attitude working with others, good communication skills.
  • Be a self-starter, proactively manage time and productivity goals.
  • Be alert, mentally prepared and capable to always perform in your position.
  • Must maintain a level of physical fitness to be capable of performing in your position and to avoid injury or illness.
  • Adhere to all company policies, processes and procedures and deemed necessary by management.
  • Go the extra mile for yourself and our customers so we all succeed together!


Send us a copy of your resume by email and include a cover letter explaining what position you seek, and why you’d be great for the job.